Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Reducing Intraocular Pressure by Eliminating Wheat from the Diet?

I was scrolling through comments on the Wheat Belly Blog, because I have been off wheat for years and it has been very positive for me. Now another family member is exploring a wheat-free diet to ameliorate stomach pain, with success. I came across this question about Glaucoma and possible benefits of a wheat free diet to reduce intraocular pressure in the eye. Although it sounds strange, there could be something to it. Wheat can cause inflammation, and inflammation may be behind the increased eye pressure that can be a symptom of Glaucoma. The reader said her dad had Lasik surgery to reduce the pressure, and I suggested that instead perhaps it was SLT or ALT laser treatment. Read it below.

Debbie Micev says:
I just read your book and sent a copy to my parents. In just a few weeks I’ve lost 8 pounds and my hunger has changed from insatiable to mild. I’ve also told a number of my friends about your research.
I didn’t see a section for eye problems, but I was wondering if you had any information about the effect of wheat on glaucoma or increased pressure behind the eye. My dad recently had lasik surgery to relieve the pressure and it didn’t seem to work. I am concerned about him.

Response by Lauren Teton, Marketing Manager of Option3 SLT Laser Service
See an interview with an SLT patient who tells about the procedure.

Hi Debbie Micev, (November 16, 2012)
I was reading this forum because I have been off wheat for many years and it has changed my life so much for the better. I got off wheat because my chiropractor said my knee pain was from wheat inflammation. Of course I said "NO WAY" but years later I am lighter, fitter, and have no knee pain since cuttign out the wheat (now mostly off dairy too!)

Anyway,  I'm writing to you because I also happen to be in the Glaucoma Laser business. I am pretty sure the laser your Dad had was SLT laser, not Lasik.

SLT laser uses gentle cold laser energy to create a biologic response to help reduce elevated intraocular pressure, and in the majority of cases it does work. In other words, it stimulates the body's defense system to help clean out the clogged "drain" in the eye, so the fluid can flow and the pressure can go down. It can be used instead of or with eye drops, and sometimes helps patients reduce or get off the drops completely.
Or your Dad may have had the older, hot laser "ALT" procedure.

Just wanted you to know!!
Lauren Teton
Option3 SLT Laser Center
New York and the Northeast US

See an interview with an SLT patient who tells about the procedure.

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