Sunday, May 6, 2012

SLT Laser Testimonials for Option3 LLC

I've been having good results with SLT. Patients are dong better than expected. I don't need to purchase an SLT when we can rent the laser easily from Option3 Mobile Laser Service each month.
Alexander Hatsis, MD
Hatsis Laser Vision
Rockville Center, NY

I have been scheduling monthly laser sessions with Bob and Dana. The SLT service has been extremely convenient for both my practice and my patients. The business model makes great economic sense, allowing me to have the laser in my office only when I need it, and to pay for it only when I use it. I highly recommend Option3.

Ayman Z. Matta, MD, FACS
Langerman Matta Eye Institute

I have been quite impressed with the high quality professional service Option3 has consistently provided. I especially like their sliding scale payment system which allows me to build profitability without a large capital outlay. Our patients are pleased with the comfort and results of their SLT procedure.

Cathy Liggieri, COA
Clinical director
Langerman Matta Eye Institute
Orangeburg, NY

I highly recommend Option3’s mobile laser service for their professionalism, state of the art equipment, punctuality and service. I can now offer SLT to my patients in the convenience of my office on a monthly basis.

Norman Reinach, MD
New Hyde Park, NY

Option3’s mobile laser service allows me to provide this procedure to my patients without having to purchase another expensive piece of equipment. The non-invasive SLT procedure is quick, comfortable for patients, and eliminates patient non-compliance issues. SLT reduces operator variability, as well as giving more consistent results compared to ALT.

Robert Block, MD
Fichman Eye Center
Manchester, CT

Option3’s Mobile SLT laser service is a cost effective way of providing advanced technology to single or dual practitioner offices that might not have the patient volume to justify a purchase. SLT is proven to be quite effective, convenient, and economical for glaucoma patients, often allowing them to remove one or more medications from their armamentarium.

Todd Bragin, MD
Hewlett, NY

The larger target that the SLT presents allows for more rapid and accurate placement of the laser aiming spots. The older ALT process may be slightly more painful to patients and less forgiving in aiming, for marginal angles. And it's not repeatable like SLT. I also enjoy working with Lauren and Dana at Option3.

Edward Palmer, MD
Palmer Eye Care and Laser Center
Bronx, NY

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