Tuesday, August 27, 2013

SLT Laser FAQs for Patients

SLT or Selective Laser Trabeculoplasty is a quick, simple, bloodless, laser procedure with a high degree of success for lowering high intraocular pressure in the eye, which can be a sign or symptom of glaucoma. The procedure is an outpatient surgery, and patients can return to regular activities the same day.

Find the answer to these Frequently Asked Questions about SLT here.

Find the answer to these Frequently Asked Questions about SLT here at http://www.glaucomaslt.com/faqs

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SLT Technology is Changing How Surgeons Lower IOP

Paul Krawitz, MD of Huntington Eye Care Associates on Long Island was a twice-a-month customer of our Option3 LLC Mobile SLT Rental Service, and saw better results using SLT than ALT.  Here are excerpts from a recent article in
Ophthalmology Management.

Lumenis Laser Grows Surgical Repertoire
By Bill Kekevian, Senior Associate Editor
June 2013 Ophthalmology Management

Read the article here.

From the article

"He estimates that 90% of his patients are getting a meaningful lowering of IOP after the SLT procedure."
"The Lumenis has far exceeded our expectations," Dr. Krawitz says. Besides patients embracing the procedure, IOP control has also improved beyond what he anticipated.

Read the article here.

See Dr. Paul Krawitz in video here

"Dr. Paul Krawitz discusses the benefits and results of SLT rather than eyedrops for glaucoma" (video)

4:34 "In new glaucoma patients, when given both options, drops, vs. laser, and presented with the evidence, nearly 100% of my patients are opting for SLT."

See Dr. Paul Krawitz in video here

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