Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Slit Lamps Compatible with SLT Laser

The following is a list of Slit Lamps known to Lumenis to be compatible with the Selecta II SLT Laser, which is available for daily rental from Option3 LLC

Mobile SLT laser rental is available for treating your patients with open angle glaucoma.
We bring the laser to your office for the day.

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Selecta II Compatibility
Slit Lamp ModelSelecta II
Haag-Streit® 900® BMYes
Haag-Streit® 900® BQ
Topcon SL-3C
Topcon SL-D7Yes
Topcon SL-3EYes
Topcon SL- 3GYes
Topcon SL-7EYes
Marco Ultra 2BYes
Marco Ultra 5Yes
Marco Ultra G5Yes
Nidek SL-450Yes
Nikon NS-IV Yes
Mentor 4200 SL-SH12Yes
Mentor 253   Yes
Reichert XCEL 300 Yes
Reichert XCEL 400            Yes
Reichert XCEL 700            Yes 

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